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Terms and Conditions for Tiny VIP

You will be issued with a unique referral link which will offer your followers a 5% discount.
For every purchase made via your referral link, you’ll receive a cumulative discount off your next order.
The cumulative discount can be used at any point throughout the year, saved or spent when you please.
For every follower order placed, you will receive a 2% discount that accumulates to use towards your own orders.
This means;
5 follower orders = 10%
10 follower order = 20% and so on up to 100% discount.
You can use anything up to 50% off per order.
Discounts will expire at the end of your 'VIP year'.

- Additional incentives include;
- Free fast tracked shipping
- Fast tracked print orders
- 6x free Tiny Clinics
- Early notice on any discounts or promotions
You'll get these incentives as soon as you've signed your terms and conditions. However, we'll be reviewing these after every quarter, so if you've not made any sales you'll have to work towards getting them back again.

Terms of the advocates VIP offer:
- Discount or promotion will be automatically added to your advocate account via our website
- Discount excludes delivery and VAT
- Use of personalised Tiny Box Company advocate link is required for advocate reward
- Advocate will receive unique advocate link offering 5% off for their customers/followers alongside their welcome pack on accepting terms below.
- The advocate will not be able to use their own referral link. In case of use by advocate, Tiny Box Company reserves the right to cancel the sale and/or eliminate the advocate from the program
- Printed Boxes are eligible for a discount on the cost of the boxes only. Discount will not be applied to printing costs or print plates - To redeem discount on your printed order, please contact [email protected] or call +44 (0)1825 725 076 and quote your chosen VIP Advocacy Plan.
- Discount can be used for printed ribbon and labels. To redeem discount on your printed order, please contact [email protected] and quote your VIP Advocacy Plan
- To redeem discount on website orders, use your percentage discount at checkout
- Clearance and limited ranges are non-refundable and non-returnable
- Discount is not applicable to previously made or pending purchases
- Discount can be applied to back orders
- Rewarded discounts must be redeemed within the 12 months of receiving the percentage discount
- Discount cannot be used in conjunction with any other discounts or promotions
- Discount can be terminated or changed at any time, at company jurisdiction
- Any member who violates the rules mentioned in this agreement and/or uses the codes inappropriately may be excluded from the advocate program immediately.

Additional rewards terms
Fast tracked delivery:
- Fast tracked means Picked and Packed earlier than others.
- Delivery option at checkout still applies for in transit times.
- To redeem this, enter your code at checkout online. Call or email, quote your code.
- Order needs to be placed before 1pm to be fast tracked to being Picked & Packed on the day ordered.

Fast tracked print orders:
- To redeem this, call or email, quote your code.
- Quickest fast track time is a 3 day lead time.

6 Free Clinics:
- 1-1 clinics for free on a topic of your choice
- Simply email [email protected] to book and quote your VIP code.

Early notice on any discounts or promotions:
- At least 24 hours notice prior to the rest of Tiny Box Company customers for discounts and sales promo codes.
- Communicated via email.

Termination after acceptance
Even after Tiny Box Company has accepted the VIP advocate as an Affiliate Marketing member, Tiny Box Company reserves the absolute right to rescind or terminate the recipient affiliate marketing status for any reason in its sole and absolute discretion, including but not limited to the reasons set forth above.

Cancellations & Returns
Any of these orders will be removed from your calculations for the quarter.

Financial responsibilities
We are not responsible for any costs or expenses associated with any of the VIP advocate’s marketing activities.

Any evidence of spam will result in the VIP advocates account termination immediately without notice or compensation.

Tiny Box Company is not responsible for any content placed by any VIP advocate.
VIP advocates must check with Tiny Box Company before making any product or service claims that could be deemed as false advertising or selling. (Such as sustainable features, or service offerings)
Tiny Box Company is responsible for handling all customer enquiries, orders, billing, collection and shipping.

You must hold the information in this agreement in the strictest of confidence. You cannot disclose any of this confidential information to any other party.

Tiny Box Company reserves the right in its sole and absolute discretion, to modify any terms and conditions of the VIP Advocate Program and the terms and conditions of this agreement upon notice to the advocate. Notice of any changes may be given via email to the advocate. Such changes and modifications will take effect upon transmission of email. The advocate may terminate participation in the VIP program if any of these modifications are unacceptable to the advocate and such termination shall be the advocate’s sole and exclusive remedy. If the advocate continues to participate in the VIP program following such modifications, the advocate will be deemed by Tiny Box Company to have continued participation, to accept any and all such changes. Tiny Box Company reserves the right to change these terms and conditions with 7 days notice.

Any breach of the above could end in termination of your account.