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Meet the people who make Tiny Box Maker what it is!

Rachel Watkyn Rachel Watkyn

When I'm not at Tiny Box (which isn't often!) I enjoy a spot of gardening, spending time with my husband and granddaughter, and when I get the opportunity, seeing some of the world.

(Founder, MD)

Dream Job: SINGER
Kate M Kate M
Kate M Operations Manager
I started in April 2022 - With a background in fashion and buying pre family life, working for Tiny Box Maker really appealed after many years in construction and engineering since the move to Cornwall. I love being creative / anything DIY and given a chance would “ re merchandise “ my home regularly ! I have two daughters both at Uni and three cats … I love to travel as much as possible, enjoy reading and am an avid movie fan. I love the sunshine and dream of taking my foot off the pedal one day and sipping drinks on warm evenings abroad!
Jamie M Jamie M
Jamie M Production Manager

Hi, I have been designing and making presentation boxes for the past 15 years and have been with Tiny Box Maker since Rachel bought the company in 2016. I am currently the Production Manager and I love nothing more than complicated and interesting boxes. In my spare time I like to fix computers, read, play guitar and garden. I have 2 sons who keep me very busy at the weekends.

Dream Job: BOX MAKER
Marzenna R Marzenna R
Marzenna R Box Maker

I am from Poland and have been in the country for 13 years. I can work on nearly every machine in the factory; however my specialty is the staying machine. This adds tape onto the corners to turn flat board into a box! I also jump on the bench to help out and do most of the assembly work. I am very family orientated and love to socialise. I also look after my disabled granddaughter and love to go out for the day with my husband and family.

Kathleen G Kathleen G
Kathleen G Production and Admin Support
Mrs organised with a few roles & my grown-up family . From running a PAT Test Company to Renovating Houses and have worked in print management previously. In between music and weekends away too! I help out with all the invoice / admin once a week. Love working for this company and the friendly team
Julie S Julie S
Julie S Box Maker
Hi, I have 2 sons and 3 grandchildren. I’m 56 and am proud to work here at Tiny Box Maker! I absolutely love my job and even more having a wonderful work family. Xx
Aga T Aga T
Aga T Box Maker
My name is Agnieszka, but everyone calls me Aga. I’m Polish and I have lived in UK for over 16 years. I have a 6 year old Daughter, a dog and a cat. I’ve been with Tiny Box Maker since January 2022, starting on the staying machine and now I’m a Dispatch lady, which I absolutely love! I am usually a happy person and I enjoy making people laugh. In my free time I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I enjoy baking, especially cakes.
Dream Job: BAKER
Bo G Bo G
Bo G Junior Designer
I’m the junior designer here at Tiny Box Maker, I’ve always been artistic and innovative. I love the journey of seeing and assuring concepts, brands and products come to life! Starting from a small idea or dream that then develops into a tangible, attractive product/design. At leisure I’m a football player, poet and nature enthusiast.
Nut C Nut C
Nut C Box Maker
I am originally from Thailand but have lived in Cornwall since 2008 with my husband and young son. I also have a little pug dog who thinks he is my son. I have worked for Tiny Box Maker as a box-maker for a few years and absolutely love it here. In my spare time I like to cook and catch up on Thai Soap Operas.
Dream Job: NURSE
Eve F Eve F
Eve F Box Maker

Hello I’m Evie I’m 50 years old, I’ve been here since 2017. I absolutely love my job and take pride in covering customer boxes, to ensure they receive lovely, beautiful boxes.

Dream Job: ACTRESS
Dawn D Dawn D
Dawn D Box Maker

Hi I’m Dawn I’m 61 years old. I’ve been working for Tiny Box Maker since 2016. I love my job and all the staff, my hobbies are bike riding, walking and looking after my grandchildren.

Holly D Holly D
Holly D Sales & Marketing Executive

My name is Holly, and I am a lover of everything boxes! I got into the box industry by chance 7 years ago and have never looked back, I work mainly in helping our lovely customers make their packaging dreams come true, I am a complete chatterbox so working in sales is perfect for me! In my spare time I like to read lots of books and spend as much time outdoors as possible.

Dream Job: POPSTAR