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Paper Types

We also have several different paper types at Tiny Box Maker, from Wibalin® Natural/Matte to Wibalin® Buckram. Wibalin® is a dyed-through paper that comes in a variety of looks and textures and is available in a range of different colours, depending on which one you choose:

Wibalin® Natural/Matte is an uncoated, dyed-through paper. It is 100% recyclable and available in 50 colours at Tiny Box Maker. Its high quality makes it ideally suited for premium packaging, and it forms the basis for the other embossed papers, like the Wibalin® Finelinen.

Wibalin® Finelinen has a subtly embossed surface that looks like finely woven linen. It’s also 100% recyclable and is very robust, and available in 30 colours.

Wibalin® Buckram is a high-quality material that imitates the look of textile. This durable, dyed-through paper is 100% recyclable and available in 30 colours.

Wibalin® Flute is a high-quality paper that has striped embossing. This hard-wearing paper is available in black and white and is 100% recyclable.

Wibalin® 100% Recycled is a high-quality, uncoated, dyed-through paper. It is made from 100% recycled paper fibres derived from both post-consumer waste (PCW) and industrial waste (PIW), and is also 100% recyclable.

Speciality - with a wide range of suppliers, we can source many textured materials for your project - contact us to find out more.


Recycled, eco-friendly, ethical, UK made, and in a style to suit....

Do you need a simple rigid box and lid for a gift, postcard, or item of clothing? Or are you after a hinged box for a ring or bracelet? Or how about a tray and slip case for other jewellery items, or a shoulder box for corporate and retail gifts?

At Tiny Box Maker we offer a wide variety of box styles and will work with you to create whatever you need to help your products make the best first impression. All boxes, semi-bespoke and bespoke, can be tailored to you and your brand with foil, digital and litho printing available depending on your requirements. 

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