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I Just Want to Spend Christmas with You



Our story is about building dreams and bringing family together over Christmas. It starts with a young girl waking up, anticipating the presents she's asked Santa for Christmas. She's allowed to open one gift, her space helmet. Throughout the day, seemingly no one wants to play with the girl, she continues to amuse herself with her new helmet until after dinner.
With the family engrossed in their own activities, the young girl grows increasingly upset that no one will spend time with her. Eureka! The boxes and packaging from opened presents are collected and the girl begins to build something next to the Christmas tree. Intrigued family members start to show an interest in the girl's activity. Recycled boxes have now turned into repurposed boxes, a child's imagination brings them to life, whilst igniting the attention she's craved all day from her family.

Thank you to Nottcutts Garden Centre for donating Christmas decorations to our advert.



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