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Branding Options

We have a range of different printing options available at Tiny Box Maker to personalise and brand your bespoke packaging, adding a luxury finish and helping your business stand out from the crowd. Foil printing is carried out in-house, with digital or litho print options also available: 

Foil Printing

Foil printing, also known as foil stamping or foil embossing, is a technique that involves applying foil to a surface using heat and pressure, and is commonly used in bespoke packaging as it can create eye-catching designs and effects. Available in-house at Tiny Box Maker, it adds a luxurious finish to your box - choose from a metallic finish or colours.

Digital Printing

Digital printing uses inkjet or laser printers to produce high-quality prints, allowing the flexibility of full colour print. It has a fast turnaround time and is ideal for printing full colour logos, photos or designs, with its opaque ink providing excellent coverage on paper, cardboard, and fabric.

Litho Printing

Litho printing uses plates and ink to transfer images onto box paper or other surfaces. It’s a traditional printing method and is known for its high quality and durability, and is often used for large-scale printing projects. Lithography has the ability to reproduce complex images accurately, and is widely used due to its versatility and reliability.

Why should I choose foil, digital, or litho printing?

Foil, digital, and litho printing are all great ways to add a personalised touch to your custom packaging, with your brand's logo or message. Foil printing will add that extra bit of luxury to your brand that will differentiate you from the competition, but it is however limited to single colour designs. Digital printing can produce full colour designs in high quality, and lithography also offers high-quality prints with fine details and vibrant colours. Find out more about the differences between foil, digital, and litho printing on our blog post here.

Recycled, eco-friendly, ethical, UK made, and in a style to suit....

Do you need a simple rigid box and lid for a gift, postcard, or item of clothing? Or are you after a hinged box for a ring or bracelet? Or how about a tray and slip case for other jewellery items, or a shoulder box for corporate and retail gifts?

At Tiny Box Maker we offer a wide variety of box styles and will work with you to create whatever you need to help your products make the best first impression. All boxes, semi-bespoke and bespoke, can be tailored to you and your brand with foil, digital and litho printing available depending on your requirements. 

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