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It’s hard to know where to begin when it comes to taking the first steps on your bespoke packaging journey. That’s why we are here to offer our help!

It’s so important to house your products in visually appealing packaging, it’s the first impression your customer will have of you and your business.

Whether you need help with design, the style, colour options or inserts, we have the knowledge base to help kick start your custom packaging.


You want luxury, bespoke packaging. Well good thing you've landed on this page. Below you can discover everything you need to know before starting your packaging journey.


Box and LidBox with cardboard lid
Box & PVCBox with transparent lid
Tray (Matchbox)Matchbox style opening and closure
1-Piece Slip CaseTray slides out of the outer sleeve
Hinged Lid BoxFlush base and lid joined together on one ‘hinged’ edge
Hinged Shoulder BoxBase and lid which aren’t flush together joined on one ‘hinged’ edge
Flap Lid BoxLid is attached to one side of the box tray and opens flat - magnetic closure
Wrap Lid BoxLid wraps around the base and three sides of the box tray - magnetic closure
Shoulder BoxBase and lid which aren’t flush together - exposed a shoulder ridge
Exposed Shoulder BoxBase and lid which aren’t flush together - exposed a shoulder ridge
Hinged Shoulder BoxSome content here
1-Piece ClamshellCut from one piece of board - opens out like a book
3-Piece ClamshellCut from three pieces of board - opens out like a book
Bookstyle ClamshellTray box with a hinged lid, both lid, and base has three fixed sides.
Slip CaseFive-sided box - usually used to house books leaving the spine exposed
Flap Lid Slip CaseSome content here
Bookstyle WrapOne-piece box with a book-style lid and ribbon fastening
3-Piece WrapSome content here
4-Piece WrapSome content here


Black LinedNatural Grey boxboard with a 135-180gsm black paper lining
White LinedNatural grey boxboard with a 135-180gsm white paper lining
UnlinedNatural grey boxboard


1250 micronMinimum boxboard weight used
1500 micronThis weight is considered depending on the box contents
2000 micronThis weight is considered depending on the box contents
3000 micronUsed for oversized boxes to support the intended contents


Eco PapersA recycled and recyclable paper
Matt PaperSome content here
Flute Paper115gsm ribbed paper available in 9 colours
Exclusive Matt PaperA non-reflective paper which has less chance of fingerprint marking
Fine Linen Paper115gsm light crosshatch texture available in 29 colours
Buckram Paper115gsm coarse-textured paper available in 29 colours
Speciality PapersContact us to find out the ranges we supply


Foil PrintingA metallic finish on a design, available in a range of colours
Digital PrintingPrinting from digitally based images directly onto box papers
Litho PrintingPrinting your content from a metal plate with ink onto box papers
Screen PrintingSome content here


Foam InsertsInserts made from foam, cut to your specifications to hold products in place
Card InsertsInserts made from card, cut to your specifications to hold products in place
Buffer TrayBuffer trays make the inside of the box look smaller than the outside so products can sit without moving around
BellybandsAn extra die-cut sleeve which contributes to the branding positioned around the middle of a box
SleevesSome content here
Satin LiningAdded elegance to a box - satin material lines the interior of the box and holds the product in place


To give you a better idea of what to expect when you order your bespoke products.


Luxury and beauty need not be compromised
when making ethical packaging choices.

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